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Sustainable Fun for Everyone Kicks Off Exciting Collaboration with CPlay in Timaru

Getting momentum in circular economy!

The “Sustainable Fun for Everyone!” initiative is excited to announce significant advancements in its ongoing collaboration with CPlay in Timaru. This pioneering partnership sets a precedent in New Zealand by recycling and repurposing old rubber waste into innovative playground surfaces.

CPlay’s playground in Timaru is undergoing a transformation with recycled material from the original matting. The old rubber, installed by Numat 28 years ago, has been removed from the Timaru playground, cleaned, chipped twice into granules, and mixed on-site with a quality binding resin to form the base rubber play surface for the playground. This process represents a significant innovation in rubber recycling, turning what was once waste into a valuable resource.

It’s a commitment to creating a sustainable future. The project showcases a tangible dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The matting is designed to help cushion falls and reduce injuries and is also longer lasting. Previously, the company had imported its recycled rubber granules from overseas, but this initiative represents a significant step towards local recycling.

“We are thrilled with the progress made in our collaboration with CPlay,” said Jacob Judd, General Manager of Numat Group. “This project is a meaningful step towards sustainability in New Zealand, and we’re eager to see the final result and the positive impact it will have on the local community.”

The recycling of the matting not only contributes to environmental sustainability and helps CPlay avoid fees for dumping the matting. It also assists the Timaru District Council reduce its annual levy costs to the Government. This dual benefit underscores the initiative’s alignment with broader community goals.

The ongoing success of this project sets the stage for future initiatives. With the capacity to process 15 tonnes of waste rubber per week, the recycling program can reduce imported rubber and waste rubber going into landfills by up to 780 tonnes per year if used at total capacity. That’s the equivalent of 866 skip bins full of rubber waste per year. This initiative is a significant step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for New Zealand’s playgrounds.

The new surfaces are designed to be accessible, opening play for everyone. The matting can be recycled again, showcasing a commitment to long-term sustainability and a circular economy. This approach is helping to make playgrounds more inclusive and enjoyable for all children, reflecting the core values of the “Sustainable Fun for Everyone!” initiative.

Funding for the project came from a massive fundraising effort and a contribution from the Timaru District Council. The council’s support underscores the community-led nature of this upgrade. Timaru District Mayor Nigel Bowen expressed pride in the district’s leadership in repurposing playground rubber.

Key partners in this initiative include the playground-building company Creo, and the Numat Group, which owns the agricultural and recreational surfacing brands NumatAGRI and NumatREC.

The “Sustainable Fun for Everyone!” initiative is a New Zealand-based rubber recycling program focused on reducing rubber waste and creating sustainable playgrounds nationwide. It aims to have a positive environmental and societal impact by reducing the amount of rubber imported into New Zealand, reducing the amount of waste rubber going into landfills, and creating safe, fun, and accessible playgrounds for Kiwi kids.

The collaboration between the “Sustainable Fun for Everyone!” initiative and CPlay represents a significant advancement in rubber recycling and sustainable playground development in New Zealand. The ongoing progress in Timaru’s playground is a testament to the innovation, commitment, and collaboration that drives this initiative. The project invites individuals and organisations to join the commitment to a more sustainable and innovative future for New Zealand’s playgrounds.

The “Sustainable Fun for Everyone!” program aims to create a legacy of sustainability, inclusivity, and community collaboration beyond recycling. As the project progresses, it is expected to set a standard for other initiatives to follow, ensuring that future playgrounds are entertaining, environmentally friendly, and accessible to all.